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Rocky Mountain Gaited Horses

    Rocky Mountain Gaited Horses: A Treasure in Las Vegas, Nevada As the proud owner of Best in the West Las Vegas boarding stable, I can’t help but be captivated by the extraordinary Rocky Mountain gaited horses. These magnificent creatures possess a unique charm and exceptional qualities that make them highly… Read More »Rocky Mountain Gaited Horses

    The Missouri Fox Trotter

      The Missouri Fox Trotter, a breed close to my heart as a boarding stable owner, showcases a remarkable blend of strength and grace. Whether working on a farm or serving in mounted police units, this versatile horse’s smooth gait, adaptability, and calm demeanor make it an ideal choice for various… Read More »The Missouri Fox Trotter

      Tennessee Walker Horses

        Tennessee Walker Breed: Graceful Gaited Horses As a passionate boarding stable owner with a deep love for gaited horses, I can’t help but admire the Tennessee Walker breed. These horses possess a natural 4-beat running walk that is both elegant and smooth. Known for their gentle disposition, Tennessee Walkers come… Read More »Tennessee Walker Horses