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Las Vegas Boarding Services

Welcome to our premier horse boarding facility, where we prioritize the utmost comfort and care for your equine companions. Rest assured that when you choose our boarding services, your horses will benefit from our decades of experience. 

Horse Boarding Details

  • Our spacious open-air barn boasts stalls measuring:
    – 16′ x 24′
    – 20′ x 20′
    – Plus a few larger stalls
  • Wash Rack
  • Porta-potty Cleaned 1x/week
  • Horses Fed 2x/Day
  • Stalls Cleaned Daily
  • 125’x150′ Arena
  • Lighted Arena
  • 50′ Round Pen 
  • Tack Shed
  • Fly Control
  • 2.5 Acre Fully-fenced Property
  • Surrounded by 55 Mature Shade Trees


Stall Rental Fee: $495 a month for 1 horse 

Trailer parking: $75 a month

Overnight boarding available, click here for more info.

Each stall has ample shade, in a clean environment. We diligently clean the pens daily, maintaining impeccable hygiene standards.

To shield our boarded horses from the scorching sun, the entire property is surrounded by mature shade trees. In addition, we have installed spacious metal coverings that provide ample shade throughout the day. Safety is paramount to us, which is why our corrals are constructed using galvanized pipes.

Our water barrels are monitored very closely. Boarders are notified immediately if there is any unusual drop in consumption. Horses boarded at our stables are fed a grass hay mixture. Hay is purchased annually from the same supplier and is very consistent in quality. 

I will be glad to feed your horse any supplements that you provide and have them bagged for feeding.

Arena and Roundpen Details

The arena is 125′ x 150′. Both the arena and 40′ roundpen have washed concrete sand for footing.

Having been raised on a ranch in Montana, I am a firm believer in horses being able to be a part of a herd environment. I put all of my horses in the arena at the same time. 

If boarders are comfortable with this arrangement, we’ll put their horses out with mine. When I get a new horse in, I gradually work him into the herd. 

At Best of the West Gaited Horses, we’re not only surrounded by beautiful scenery but also conveniently located less than a block from thousands of acres of public land for your riding pleasure.

During your stay, feel free to tap into our extensive equine knowledge. We’re always here to lend a helping hand and share valuable insights. Whether you have questions about horse care, training tips, or anything else equine-related, don’t hesitate to pick our brain.

Come Board Where Your Horse Can Thrive

We are honored to have the opportunity to serve you and your equine companions, and we look forward to providing them with a safe and comfortable home away from home.