Gaited Horses For Sale: Tennessee Walker, Missouri Fox Trotter, Rocky Mountains Breeds

Gaited horse seller of the following breeds: Tennessee Walker, Missouri Fox Trotter and Rocky Mountain Breeds in Las Vegas, Nevada. Best in the West Gaited Horses is a fully-licensed, bonded and insured gaited horse dealer offering horse stall rentals.

What are Gaited Horses?

Gaited horses are commonly known for giving their riders a smooth riding experience. All horses have a "natural gait" it uses without specialized training although some breeds have a pattern of footfalls that appear natural while others will require special training before a rider can command a particular gait from the individual. Here at Best In The West we pride ourselves on having some of the best gaited horses for sale around.

Our Gaited Breeds

We have Tennesse Walkers, Missouri Fox Trotters and Rocky Mountains. View videos of our best gaited horses. You will not believe how different and enjoyable they are. With theses horses you will not be stiff and sore after a long ride. You are free to enjoy a great trail riding experience without being fatigued as with traditional horses. You may have had enough of the stress of showing or the rigors of time events.

Maybe this is your time in life to live your dream. If you want a dependable, great looking, gaited smooth ride - Best in the West Gaited Horses is here for you ! ! ! We have a variety of gaited horses for sale with different levels of trail experiences, age, color and breed.

All of our horses have great temperaments, color and gait. We invite you to come to our Las Vegas stables and try our horses. We have the cleaniest horse stables in Clark County. You are welcome to ride in the arena. If you want to REALLY know what the horse is like - let's ride out into the desert! I will spend whatever time it takes to help match you with the best horse for you.

Your new best friend is waiting for you at Best in the West Gaited Horses!

Gaited Horse Breeds

Missouri Fox Trotter

missouri fox trotters The Missouri Fox Trotter is an American breed of horse with a unique four beat gait. It was bred in the Ozark Mountain foothills, and used by settlers who valued its smoothness.

Tennessee Walkers

tennessee walker horses The Tennessee Walker or Tennessee Walking Horse is a gentle and comfortable riding horse. Their unique four-beat "running walk" is especially comfortable to ride, making the breed a well-suited trail companion.

Rocky Mountains

rocky mountain horses Around the turn of the century, a young horse soon to be called the Rocky Mountain Horses appeared in Eastern Kentucky that gave rise to a line of horses prized by North American and European owners.

Horse Stalls and Trail Riding

Las Vegas Horse Stall Rental

las vegas horse stalls Our Las Vegas horse stalls are available to rent. Horse pen and arena are available for your use at any time. Presently, we are only providing board to horses we sell.

Trail Riding

las vegas horse trail riding Best in the West is located near Red Rock and Lee Canyon. I encourage you to join me and enjoy your horse out on the trail!